Thursday, August 22, 2019

Explore, Learn and Grow

The children are given opportunities to explore new material, revisit their ideas, experiment with new materials and make new discoveries daily. Outside, the children got to play with a variety of musical instruments and performed

for each other. Inside the classroom, Lars revisited the light table and built a castle adding flashlights to his towers along with Daryn. During our small group, we played hot potato and learned each other’s names.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Exploring Magnets

Today in the science area, Lars used magnetiles to build a “magnetile pirate ship”. While he was building Thomas and Elias came over to observe what he was doing. Lars showed them how the washers stick to the magnetiles because they are magnetic too. Then Lars brought out the measuring tape and said he needed help measuring his pirate ship. The measuring tape introduces the children to numbers and measurement. The children were also learning about cause and effect when the washers stick to the magnetiles.

Snack Time!

We offer healthy options for snack three times a day. The children are able to serve themselves using tongs, spoons, and pouring their own beverages. This encourages independence, while also strengthening fine motor skills as they grasp and hold their own utensils. Snack Time is also a great time to work on self regulation and social interactions with peers. The children are encouraged to take turns and ask their peers to pass the snack or drinks around the table.