Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hanging Slime

Earlier this week the children helped make gak or slime. Today we hung it over the sensory table. The children were amazed by the slime slowly dripping down. Sam said, “It’s noodles!”  Cassidy said, “Looks like Rapunzel’s hair”. Then we started counting how long it took to drip all the way down. Matteo made sure to count loudly for everyone to hear. It took 11 seconds one time! The children love using their hands to manipulate the gak and this strengthens their fine motor skills. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Shaky Eggs

We sang the Shaky Egg song at Group today! We used moved the eggs fast and slow, up and down, then in a circle. This supports self control and listening skills as they follow the prompts of the song.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Group Time Tools

Group Time gives everyone a chance to come read a story, sing, dance, chat and learn new things together! It is also a time of day where it can be a little tricky to sit still and focus quietly. Teacher Andrea spoke to the Pandas about our basket of group time tools! These tools are meant to help the children regulate their minds and bodies if they are having a difficult time sitting quitely or still. The basket is filled with various items that are stretchy, squishy, and bendable. Studies show that sometimes children will need to be doing something with a part of their bodies to help them feel stimulated and focus better! 

They are also practicing social-emotional regulation by learning to accept that you may not always get the group time tool you wanted, but a different one is always available to help!