Thursday, February 27, 2020

Small Group Time

During group time Teacher Cassie introduced  a new music and movement song by Greg and Steve helping them warm up their bodies. It was a fun way to work on improving balance and coordination as well as listen to directions. The children had so much fun, they asked to do it twice.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Foam shape stickers are simple, but so much for for the children. They use their fine motor skills to peel the paper off the sticker. This can be difficult for tiny hands. While adding these stickers to their artwork and paper planes, the children reviewed the names of each shape.

Dot Dot, Not a Lot (Of Glue!)

Yesterday, we brought out the colored blue bottles to trace and draw pictures outside. Our rule with glue is “dot, dot, not a lot!” This helps the children remember to use only what they need when squeezing it onto their paper. Squeezing glue helps refine fine motor skills and strengthens the muscles in the hand. It also encourages attention to detail and focus as they follow the lines they’ve created.