Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Experimenting with Speed Bumps

This week a few children started putting the bases out on the bike path as speed bumps. Today more children joined in on the fun! The children quickly realized that is takes more power to get over the speed bumps. Some children would get stuck so friends would come help them. They also learned that it slows them down, helping everyone go a safe speed while on the bike. Julianna and Mathias both took turns pulling friends in the wagon over the bumps. It was not easy! Ellie liked using the bigger bike to go over the bumps instead of the little bikes. Calleen said, "This is hard!" This was a great way to explore our interest in roads!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our Gardens

This morning, our young gardeners checked in on their individual seeds and sprouts. They've been recording their observations in a variety of ways. For example, Evelyn has been writing a book that describes what materials she used to plant her seeds.  Russell has been sharing his observations and recording them on a chart. Aria, Reilly and Sloka drew pictures of what they think is happening to their seeds within the soil. It is always great to see the children enjoy and learn from the same activity in a variety of ways!


Monday, May 22, 2017

Ninja Course!!!

The children have always enjoyed being "Ninja's" and "Power Ranger's" at school. Sometimes acting out different Ninja and Power Ranger scenarios can lead into physical interactions between the children. Last week we re-directed their Ninja and Power Ranger energies by creating a "Ninja Course"! The children were able to use their ideas to build different obstacles and create moves as the completed the course. They had so much fun with this last week, that they continued to create and practice their moves today!