Saturday, March 6, 2010

MARCH 4TH, 2009

This week we welcomed two brothers to our classroom, Bradley and Zachary. The boys adjusted quickly to our program and have already made friends. Our kids are awesome at welcoming new people into their lives.


* We will be closed on Friday, March 12th for a school holiday.

* Thursday, April 1st will be a minimal day for the start of the Easter vacation.


* Thursday, March 4th: The children really enjoyed making bread and eating our cauliflower pasta. We also visited the Skylab (a planetarium presentation in our school gym) which was scary for some at first but turned out to be exciting and educational!

* Throughout the past month, several of our students expressed concerns for our solitary black and orange fish. So we purchased two more black and orange fish, an algae eater, and a beta fish. To keep harmony in the tanks, we keep our lovely blue beta fish in a separate tank on the other side of our room. The children have become very interested in marine life and this will be our topic of focus (and possibly long-term project) during the following week. If there are any parents with interests or resources regarding marine life that they would like to share with the classroom – such as books, pictures, posters, stories, etcetera – please let us know!

* Easter break is from April 1st - April 12th: Until the 1st, we will be working on an Easter projects - specifically easter baskets. We need half gallon milk or juice cartons. So if you would like to save and bring some in, that would be awesome.