Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30, 2010

* This week we have had so much fun making the best gifts a mother could ever want! But we can’t tell you what we made….it’s a surprise! We have also been practicing a lot on our dance festival performance! The performance will be on May 20th at 7:00pm.

* On Thursday we read a story about Anansi the Spider. In the story Anansi weaves a web to catch a warrior’s good dreams! We began making our own dream catchers by painting the cut out rim of a paper plate. Next week we will continue the project by weaving yarn through holes punched in the plate and adding feathers and leaves to the bottom. They will eventually either hang from our ceiling in the classroom or, if your child does not stay for nap, be sent home to hang in your house. These dream catchers will ward off bad dreams and only send us good dreams. We will be a room full of happy nappers!

* Exciting news! Another new addition to our beautiful garden will be a new mural that students from the elementary school will be painting for us! Right now the primer is up and they will start painting soon. Also, Ezequiel Sanchez, our school’s custodian and horticulturalist, has been volunteering his extra time to build us planters for our garden! Thank you Ezequiel!

* Over the past few weeks the children have been bringing their favorite books to school to share with their fellow classmates. The children become very excited and proud when their books are read aloud during circle time and many times choose to sit in front of the class and read it aloud themselves. They sit in the teacher’s chair and instantly insert themselves into the role of the teacher, saying things like, “Please sit down so everyone can see,” and, “I cannot start reading until everyone is quiet.” The children like to show off their books to anyone who will listen and love to see their friends enjoying their book as much as they do. We encourage all children to bring in their favorite books to school; it gets the children excited about reading and exposes them to all different types of literature.

Joeeta reading a book to our students during group time!

Alex enjoying our new reading area!

Lauren and Gabe interested in a banana slug, one of the many creatures found in our garden. This slug captivated all of the children for quite a while!