Friday, April 23, 2010


Please remember to return your re-registration forms if your child is returning to Utopia preschool next school year. Forms are due back April 30th.

We have a new parent board in the cubby area to make sure we are keeping parents informed. Take a look at it when dropping off or picking up!

May 20th we will be performing at the school Dance Festival! The Festival will be at 7pm. We hope that everyone will be able to join us! We will be the first to perform so we will all walk in together. When our performance is over all children will go back and sit with their parents to enjoy the rest of the show.

May 17th we have no school. It is a student holiday. May 31st we are also closed in observance of Memorial Day.

Things we did this week:

In celebration of Earth day during morning circle on Thursday April 22nd the children answered the question, “What can we do to help on Earth day?” Every response was different and unique! In our “bounce area” we have a display of each child’s answer and the words to the Earth day song we learned. As a fun Earth day activity we made our own Earths by coloring coffee filters with blue and green markers and then using eye droppers to carefully put water on them to spread the colors.

Today, Friday, we experimented with citric acid, baking soda, vegetable oil, and different food colors. First we filled a cup half way full with water. Then we added citric acid and mixed it until it was dissolved. Then we added baking soda to the cup and watched the volcano fizzle! For our next experiment, we filled a cup half way full with vegetable oil then added warm water. We watched the large, sluggish bubbles move around the cup then we added blue food coloring, citric acid, and baking soda and watched it bubble over the cup. We did this experiment several times with different colors and the excitement around the table grew each time. Everyone had lots of fun doing this experiment!

An exciting addition to our garden this week was our new barrel compost! We learned about things we can put in it and can’t put in it. On Thursday we each took a turn putting leaves in and taking a look inside the cool barrel! We were very excited at lunch that day to put organic materials aside so we could later toss them in our compost!