Friday, May 7, 2010

May 07

* HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Have a fabulous Sunday!

* On Thursday, May 6th, Olivia Jimenez and Liane Louie-Badua (Ryan and Kai’s mommies) cooked us a fabulous lunch. The Jimenez family is from the island of Guam so they cooked us traditional Chamorro (the indigenous people of Guam) food. It included red rice, BBQ chicken, potato salad, and finedene sauce. Everyone had the opportunity to taste each item and several of our students especially enjoyed the red rice. Our class loves learning about different cultures! THANK YOU OLIVIA and LIANE!

* We added two apple trees to our garden this week! One is a Fuji apple tree and the other is a Gala apple tree. They are about 5ft. tall, with lots of buds, and one tiny apple already growing on the Gala. We also transplanted our sunflowers into our biggest flowerbed. These sunflowers were originally planted in tiny containers as seeds. They are about 2-3 in. tall and growing strong.

* Today, Friday May 7th, our class went to see a special opera performance! The 7th graders performed The Pirates of Penzance! Our class watched attentively! It was an exciting performance with pirates, police officers, and women in beautiful clothing singing on stage! Many of the children in our class were amazed that the people on stage were kids from our very own school. We can’t wait to be on stage just like them!

* Don’t forget that on May 20th we will be dancing at the Dance Festival! We have been practicing our special dance for the whole school and our families to watch and enjoy! The Dance Festival begins at 7pm in our gym.

* Also, remember to check the new parent board (above the cubbies) for special reminders! We only have two more months of school left and we want to make sure that everyone is informed about special events and dates!

* Thank you to all the families who enjoyed a night out at Chevy’s and helped raise money for our school!