Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010

* This week we started our Utopia book swap. The book bags were sent out on Thursday and need to be returned by TUESDAY. Each bag has three books in it – please ensure that the bags are returned on time with all three books inside. Also, when returning the bags, please write the bag # on your students checkout card.

*Our Dance Festival was a success! Thank you for joining us! All the children were so excited to perform in front of their parents and the “Big Kids” of St. Thomas More. Everyone couldn’t wait to wear their special shirts that we made ourselves and worked so hard on all week!

* This week we began drawing family pictures. We took down the family pictures that were hanging on the branches and put them on the table so the children could look at the pictures while drawing! We are going to continue working on this art project next week. We have posted the completed ones in our dramatic play area.

* Thursday June 17th we are going to have an end of the school year art auction! This will be an after school event in which “special” artwork by your child will be auctioned! If anyone would like to help organize this event we would truly appreciate the help!

* Garden update: This week we planted asparagus seeds next to our sunflowers. The sunflowers are only a few inches tall right now but hopefully they start growing quickly! Our apple trees transplanted successfully and already a few tiny apples are growing on each tree.

* The students have shown a lot of interest in making books. Several students began making their own books. Many drew the story, wrote the title, wrote their names, and wrote the date. We will continue making books next week.