Sunday, September 26, 2010

What am I Feeling Today?

We talked about the different kinds of emotions. Students shared what makes them happy, sad, mad, and excited. Being happy, sad, excited, and mad are emotions that are normal. It was interesting to note that the children thought that being mad was not okay. We talked about it in class, and we concluded that being mad is normal and is okay. Hurting someone because you are mad, however, is not acceptable. As we continue to explore our feelings, we will continue to talk about different emotions and behavior.

Play Dough

We made our very own play dough in school this week. The children measured, poured, and mixed the ingredients, and the teachers cooked the dough until it was soft and pliable. We enjoyed kneading and shaping the dough into different shapes.

Garden Harvest

We harvested several ears of corn from our vegetable garden. They were cooked and served for lunch last week. The children are eagerly anticipating the harvest of the other garden vegetables.

Parent Socials: October 16, Saturday 10-12

This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the other families in the program. Potluck sign up sheet is posted in the classroom.

Great Helpers

Thank you to Matt Cahill and Nathan Lay for helping out in school this week. Matt assembled extra tables for our garden out in the yard. He and Nathan also read to the class.