Friday, October 8, 2010

Birds and Nests

During the week, teachers Tina and Michelle took their Pre-K students and worked in their respective small groups. The children are becoming accustomed to their little families in school.

Birds! With help from the California Academy of Sciences, we were introduced to a brand new curriculum focusing on our avian friends. The activity in which the kids were engrossed was focused on nest building. They collected dried grass, twigs, and dried leaves from the yard. Then they combined these natural materials and constructed bird homes as part of our arts and crafts session. We also discussed different characteristics of birds while doing this hands-on activity.

Mud! Also part of our science curriculum, we experimented with mud. Our curious apprentices gathered soil and mixed it with water. They hoped to use that mud to make sure that their natural materials – grass, twigs, and leaves – would stick together and solidify their aforementioned nests. The smiling faces and enthusiastic responses from the students were extremely encouraging.

Pasta! We had a culinary treat this Friday. Lillian and Victoria’s mom (Keri) shared her culinary expertise with us and treated the children to a fettuccini feast. Armed with a pasta maker, she made a batch of fresh pasta for our kids to enjoy. The children enjoyed kneading the fresh dough. After boiling the fettuccini, she served the noodles, which was with butter and Parmesan cheese, to the hungry children. The students loved it so much that they did not even touch their packed lunches. What a wonderful way to end our (Giant) week.