Friday, October 1, 2010

Junior Scientists

Junior Scientists

Utopia and California Academy of Sciences

A consultant from the California Academy of Sciences is working closely with Utopia in building the basic skill of scientific inquiry among the students. For the next few weeks, we have on loan from the Academy of Sciences materials that would inspire the children to make observations, ask questions, make and test predictions, and share the learning with other people. Out first unit is Busy Birds.

Here is an excerpt of a big group discussion conducted by Lee, the consultant from the Academy of Sciences:

Teacher: How do birds move?

Children flapping wings, “I’m a carnivore”

T: Where do birds live?

Children: nest (as they are still flapping wings)

T: What do birds do in their nests?

Children: sit on the eggs

T: Why?

Children: to keep warm to hatch

T: What do you know about nests?

Children: made of sticks, wood
Children: birds eat worms
Children: little nest
Children: Where are the eggs?

T: What do they do in the nest?

Children: they eat in the nest

T: What do you do in your house?
Children: I cook, play in the house
Children: I think baby birds like to play

T: how do birds make their nests?

Children: they use their feet;
use sticks;
they work together;
use wings to carry the sticks;
put in the hole in their butt (to bring the sticks)

Children: some birds live under rocks

If you have materials (books, CD, DVD, etc) that you think would help our inquiry process, we would like to borrow them. Any taxidermists in the house? We would love to have you visit. We would really be grateful if you can bring in a real nest that the children can actually touch and see.

Pumpkin Patch, October 18, Monday

Utopia is going on a field trip to Pastorino Farms in Half Moon Bay with the Kindergartners. Parents are welcome to meet us there. The scheduled activities begin at 10 AM and end at around noon after we eat lunch. If you are interested to carpool with other parents, please let us know. Bring packed lunch on that day.

Parent Socials: October 16, 10-12

Dora (Nicholas' mom) will get in touch with you regarding this event. Although we are hosting it, the main objective of this event is for families to get to know each other.

Bring Baby Pictures