Friday, October 15, 2010


We began the week by learning a new skill – syllable counting. The students had fun clapping and chanting the syllables of their respective names:

“Ti – mo – thy”

“Scar –lett”

“Ni – cho – las”

By playing this syllable counting game with them, the children recognized that a word is composed of different sounds that are put together. These sounds are called phonemes. You can certainly play the same game with your kids at home. Just chant and clap to the different syllables of your favorite words.

As an art project, we asked each children to decorate the first letter of their names. Taking it a step further, we asked them to think of other words that began with the same letter. Though we talked about these related words, we focused on the sound each letter makes. Expect cute little works of Ms or Ys in your child’s compilation of work.

What would our week be like without food? This Friday morning, Charlie Maranon, Gabriella’s dad, graciously shared his culinary talents with us. He whipped up an awesome quesadilla buffet that the kids, and yes, the teachers too, gobbled up in a matter of minutes. We hope that everyone will have the same appetite for Saturday’s Utopia Potluck.

Thanks, Ivonne (Elisa's mom) for being our Mystery Reader (for the second time!)