Saturday, November 6, 2010

Salty Ocean Water

Our young Utopians remain fascinated by our lessons on tide pools. Our ongoing discussion this week focused on using different senses to identify different types of water. We separated one gallon of ocean water from another gallon of tap water and asked the kids to perform a simple experiment. They looked, smelled, and tasted both types of water and identified each of their sensory characteristics. We certainly had fun taking that mini plunge with them in the classroom.

Another highlight this week was the dental screening. A dental hygienist / nurse visited our classroom and talked to the children about the proper way to brush their teeth, emphasizing brushing frequency (3 times a day), toothbrush texture (soft bristles), and brush size (children’s size). The representative also discussed the importance of eating healthy and exercising frequently. At the end of the day, our kids had a healthy goodie bag that they took home – complete with a kids’ toothbrush and a tube of travel toothpaste.

What a euphoric month it has been for the San Francisco Giants! Last Wednesday, the entire school shared in the citywide celebration of the Giants’ victory parade. Along with most Bronco teachers and students (a lottery-picked contingent was lucky enough to actually go to the parade), we sat in the gym and watched a live broadcast of the Market Street celebration. Thanks to Timothy’s parents for contributing some goldfish crackers for the children to munch on while watching the big screen.