Friday, April 22, 2011

Scientists and Dancers

Scientific Inquiry

1. The green egg is empty.
2. The purple egg has marbles.
3. The green egg is lighter than the purple egg.

Making a Hypothesis:
What do you think will happen if we rolled an empty plastic egg and a plastic egg filled with marbles down the ramp?

1. The green one will reach the bottom faster.
2. The purple one will get there faster.
3. The empty egg will be fast because it is light and empty.
4. The egg with marbles will roll faster because marbles roll.
Results of the Experiment:
1. The purple egg with the marbles got down the ramp faster than the green egg.
2. The purple egg stayed on the ramp until it rolled away at the bottom. The empty green egg sometimes rolled off the ramp.
3. The color of the egg doesn't make it roll faster or slower.
4. The heavier egg gets down the ramp faster than the lighter egg.

Despite the short week, Utopians had their fill of dance instructors. We have a performing arts dance teacher who comes every Monday and encourages the children to make shapes with their bodies.
Children are challenged to make high and low shapes, tall and small figures, and soft and strong shapes. Audience members are expected to watch and comment on the performance. Thank you, Teacher Sonia.
To add variety, we have Teacher Ayla who also comes once a week to prepare the class for the Dance Festival of STM. If you have been hearing your child sing "a- hakama, haka-mana-para-tawa-nga-fa" while moving his hands, he is practicing the Maori alphabet and dance.
Save the dates:
May 26, Dance Festival at 5pm. Sample costume is on display in the classroom.
June 2, Field trip to the California Academy of Science