Thursday, April 7, 2011

Visiting Expert: Cycling Shoes

The week started with the children helping each other trace their feet on a piece of cardboard. Last week, they designed their shoe on paper and this week they started making the sole for the shoe. Hopefully, we'll have the completed shoe on display by next week.

Utopia was treated today by the visit of Gabriella's dad. He came as a visiting expert on cycling shoes. He came with two bikes, 2 sets of cycling shoes including cage pedals, and a wealth of knowledge regarding biking as a sport.
Here is a Utopia student making an observational drawing of the cage pedal.

Students also tried walking around wearing the cage pedals.

According to our shoe expert, the cage pedals evolved to what is now known as cycling shoe cleats.
Charlie had extra cleats (not attached to a shoe yet) for the children to make observational drawings of.
After the visit, the children concluded that Charlie's cycling shoes are like their regular shoes because his cycling shoes also have three straps. But unlike their sneakers, cycling shoes have cleats attached to the sole.