Tuesday, May 9, 2017

S.F.P.D visits Utopia!

Today Officer Dennis from the San Francisco Police Department visited our preschool! We were so excited to have him come visit our classroom. The children had many questions for Officer Dennis. Russell asked "how heavy are handcuffs?" Officer Dennis explained the different handcuffs he carries. One was a lot lighter than the other. They passed them around so they each could feel the difference. Amaris said, "They feel heavy." Perry said, "Handcuffs are cold." Then Sergio pointed to the walkie talkie and asked, "Why do police need walkie talkies?" Officer Dennis said they use them to communicate with each other. The children even got to hear what is sounds like when someone is on the walkie talkie. Some of the children have been interested in driving and tickets. They got to see what a ticket looks like. Officer Dennis also brought a helmet for all of them to try on. Everyone received sticker badges and tattoos! The children learned about the different ways the police helps us and keep our community safe. It was an exciting day!