Friday, February 8, 2019

A Deputy Sheriff Visits Utopia!

This morning we had a special visitor in our classroom! The children were very excited to have Violet’s father, a deputy sheriff, speak to them during large group time. He explained the duties of a deputy sheriff & let the students ask him various questions about his job. The students were especially thrilled when he asked them if they wanted to be junior deputy sheriffs themselves! They all eagerly said yes! He then asked them all to raise their right hands & “solemnly swear” to listen to their teachers, listen to their parents, help at clean up time, color in the lines, & help their friends. Violet’s father handed out deputy sheriff badge stickers for them to wear & gave the teachers coloring books & crayons, which they put in the children’s cubbies to take home. The children definitely appreciated the fun & informative visit!