Friday, June 14, 2019

Field Trip to CuriOdyssey!

Finally the day has come for our field trip to CuriOdyssey! With the children ready to go in their matching blue t-shirts, we buckled their seatbelts on the bus, and set off to our exciting destination. Once we got there, we took a group photo and provided snacks for the children to fuel them up for their adventure. At CuriOdyssey, the children were in awe of all the different science exhibits and activities. They immersed themselves in building with different materials, STEM puzzles, exploring different geometric shapes and textures, observing rescued animals, and much more! Even with all there was to do at CuriOdyssey, some of the children still said their favorite part of the field trip was the bus ride! Thank you so much to all the teachers and chaperones for making this field trip fun and safe for everyone! We truly appreciate it!