Monday, June 24, 2019

Will It BEE okay?

During  outside time, the Koala group found a bee next to the big legos! They all carefully gathered around the bee and shared their thoughts:

Grayson: Maybe he lost his family and can’t find his bee hive!

Garrison: Don’t hurt him!

Matteo: I think he’s fighting with another bee. I see the other one not moving...

Paige: Sometimes bees sting other bees and then they lose their stingers and die 

The children seemed very concerned about the bee as it fluttered it’s wings but could not fly. The teacher also brought up how it looked like one of its legs was injured because the bee was dragging it’s body to move around. The children continued to remind others to be gentle with the bee and they hoped it would recover soon!

Paige: Maybe it likes blocks and is looking at the castle like ‘Ooh! This is a nice place to live!’