Thursday, April 1, 2021

Clay Sculpture Gallery

We have been working with clay for the past month! The children are learning to manipulate the clay using hands and fingers, which helps strengthen their fine motor development. Clay also allows them to work on a particular idea for many days at a time starting with touching, sculpting, letting it dry, then painting and naming their final piece! 

Enjoy some of the children's finished Clay Creations!

"O Cereal" By Liana

"Rainbow" By Kaidha

"Big Rock and Smoosh Rock" by Elias

"Snowman Happy Face Pancake Train" By Hudson

"Bowser's Head. He takes off his head and throws it!" By Jelani

Friday, March 26, 2021

Let’s Tell A Story

This week we read “Another” by Christian Robinson. This is a wordless picture book about a little girl who enters another world and finds that, in this world the children all have someone that looks just like them. Since there are no words, we had the children take turns narrating each page. We wrote down everything they said and then read it back to them. This activity supports an interest in literacy and story telling. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Little Artists

 This week the children have been very interested in creating art, especially with different types of paint. Some children have been experimenting with oil crayons and watercolor. Other children have been painting rainbows with glitter paint. During outside time, the children tried out chalk paint and loved watching it drip down the wall! This supports their visual art development and their fine motor skills. We love seeing all their creativity being expressed through their artwork!