Friday, February 17, 2012

February Fun

For the past two weeks the children have been working on water color paintings! Ivette (Andres' mom), while putting together our Move Night Cioppino basket, had the great idea of auctioning off the children's artwork at the Cioppino dinner. So we talked to the children about drawing and then painting something special which many people will see and be able to buy. So the children made their first one...

Then the next day we revisited what they had made and then talked about what we could add or change. We did this over several days. Some children had 3,4, and even 5 drafts depending on how many days the child is at school a week.

This activity gave a great opportunity for the children to revisit what they had created and then plan their next step. It was also interesting to listen to them give each other peer feedback. We would sit at at a table with 6-8 kids and talk about each child's painting, then the children would comment on what they liked about the painting and what they could add to it.

Some Comments were:

Viva:"I think you should draw a unicorn...and a castle....and more unicorns!"
Bianca:"More flowers...yeah a lot of flowers!"
Keira:" oval shaped."
Anna: "Do you have a dog?If you do you should draw him."

Art Studio

During our teacher in-service day earlier this month the Utopia teachers were busy setting up our new art studio in "Little Utopia". You may have heard your child mention this room before, but we took the time to completely transform it. We set up an art area, writing area, light and shadow area, and sensory area. We are using this room to work in small groups with the children. Each teacher has taken a group of 4-6 children to explore the room. If you would like to visit the art studio feel free to ask and we will gladly take you over there (Or if we are busy we'll unlock the door and let you explore)!

These Utopia classmates are exploring the new tools on the projector.

These Utopians are exploring the new paintbrushes and paint colors side by side in our art area.

This Utopian decided she would draw and then decorate Santa Clause after discovering the cotton balls, glue, and glitter in the art area!

These Utopians were also intrigued by all the glitter and glue!


With so many other things such as valentines and water color painting projects going on, the children have continued to work on their stories, which many of them started last month. The children have been very proud of their stories and their classmates love hearing them.

Telling and writing these stories have helped the teachers take note of the interests of each child and has helped develop the drawings and writing of many of the children.

Here are two children's drawings from their books,which are still works in progress:

Iron Man is waiting for coffee and he found a little butterfly and he chased it.

Then his coffee fell down and the little butterfly flew all the way to the sky and the sun and then Iron Man flew after him.

One day there was a rainy day, but it was raining and the superhero Jr. saved the rain away. He went up to the clouds in the big car wash with my dad.

And then the rain stopped and the kids can go play outside. Austin, Gabriella, Benny, Sasha, Alessandro.

Then they can play in the bikes and the toys and the basketball hoop.

Outdoor Adventures...
We have been enjoying the sunny days in our Utopia yard....

Teacher Michelle: "What are you guys doing?"
Utopia Artist: "I'm drawing her...(looks at child) don't move..."

The artist in action, drawing her classmate.

The girls playing an exciting game of basketball

Utopian: "Ok what does this say?"
Teacher Michelle: "It"
Utopian: "Ttttt-cccc...what's that"?
Teacher Michelle:"I don't know you wrote it. What does it mean?"
Utopian: "Nevermind...let me try something different."

Blue-eyed Utopian: "!"
Brown-eyed Utopian: "Oh no! We gotta hide....there's a monster!"


Monday February 20: President's Day No School
Thursday February 23 at 6pm: Preschool and Kindergarten parent mandatory meeting
Monday February 27: Minimal Day 12pm Dismissal-Teacher Inservice