Thursday, September 28, 2017

Puppet Show Outside

The children love using the puppet show theater outside! Because it is so popular, we came up with a list of rules so that everyone could enjoy the show.

1. Only two performers at a time
2. No throwing puppets
3. Keep the puppets behind the theater
4. Audience is quiet and sits down

The children took turns performing behind the stage, giving silly voices to their puppets and asking the audience, "What's your name?" Naomi came up with an idea to have a sign up list so everyone could have a turn. We called them up when the last performer was finished!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Writing Table

This morning, the writing table was the center for a variety of writing and art activities. Each child was able to express their ideas using different mediums and tools, such as, markers, crayons, tape, glue, hole punchers, scissors and magazine clips. Shirley created an art piece that required multiple steps. First she cut strips of paper. Then Shirley glued the different strips on a large orange paper. She also used the start shaped hole puncher to add stars to her work. Matteo focused his attention on cutting square pieces of paper and then used a star hole puncher to make several stars. At one point, Shirley and Matteo worked collaboratively, making stars and gluing them on paper. Aria dedicated her time to creating a card for her little sister. She also decorated an envelope using cards, which she used to place her work inside.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Question Jar Activity

This morning the children had a fun time decorating and preparing their Question Jar with their special guest! They worked together by cutting and gluing the tissue paper, adding jems, and cutting out the questions. It was definitely a special time and a fun activity for children and their families!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Quiet Time Activities

During nap time, some of the children may wake up early or aren't sleepy that day. Teacher Cassie came up with an box full of quiet activities for those children who need something to do before we go out and play! They may read a book, make a beaded necklace, use felt toys, sponge blocks, draw with markers, peel stickers, and so much more. These materials not only keep the children engaged and busy during a long part of our day, but help develop their fine motor skills as they carefukly  recognition of shapes, and dramatic play as they pretend and create scenarios during their independent play. 

Fun Run

HAPPY FRIDAY!! This morning Utopia Preschool joined the Kindergarten class in the Healthy Kids Fun Run. It was great to see family & friends out there on the sidelines cheering, supporting and keeping track of how many laps the children did. Some children ran, walked or did a little of both with teachers & friends. We were so happy to see everyone being active, healthy & most importantly having fun! Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Exploring a First Aid Kit

The children were introduced to a few items commonly found in a First Aid kit. They experimemted with gauze, wrap and tape. Aria was very excited because she was previously using scotch tape and stickers to create bandages, but now she was able to wrap bandages with real materials. She said, "I'm giving you a cast." Teacher Cassie asked, "What is a cast for?" Aria responded, "It helps when you have boo boos." Aria wrapped Teacher Cassie's arm up. Shirley was all dressed and ready to go in her doctor gear. Her and Emery were using our new materials on baby dolls. This allowed the children to explore these new materials and take part in dramatic play.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Creating a Doctor's Office

After reading, "Busy People Doctors" at group time some of the children were eager to create a doctor's office in our house area. Isabella put cloth over one of the tables in the house area and made a sign that said "waiting area". Aria wanted to be the receptionist so she made sure to grab a phone, markers and paper. Shirley wanted to be known as "Dr. Shirley". She put on a doctor coat and made sure all her doctor supplies were readily available.  Amir said he wanted to help by "giving shots and blood tests". Children started to show up in the waiting area where Aria was ready to greet them. She would check in with Shirley to make sure she was ready for patients. Chloe C. and Madison waited with their baby dolls to see the doctor. This type of dramatic play encourages children to act out roles that are familiar to them.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


In a day, we go through several transitions. Breakfast to group, followed by snack and play time, group, lunch, nap and outside playtime! Not to mention bathroom breaks, wardrobe changes and hand washing!! The following is a sneak peek into our transition after nap.
Five minutes prior to waking up, Aria helped set the table for afternoon snack. Others began cleaning up their quiet activity, gathering markers, drawings and books. As the lights came on the children worked independently or as a team to pack up their bed sheets and put them in the nap time cubby. Then they put on their shoes, use the restroom, washed their hands and either: ate snack or went outside.
Transition times can be challenging due to the amount of steps required to get to a next task. During busy transitions, there can be a lot of distractions, such as peers, louder chatter and obstacles like tables, chairs and toys! Yet as the children continue to practice, transitions will become smoother for them.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Creating Group Time Rules

Group time, or Circle Time, is when the children and teachers are able to come together in the morning with the teachers to read a book, sing songs, and do group activities. Sitting at Circle Time can be a challenge for children with wiggly bodies or who have lots of ideas to share outloud! Last week, the children came up with Group Agreements for keeping us safe and respectful at circle time: Sit on your bottom, Keep Your Hands to Yourself, Keep a quiet mouth, Keep the toys on the shelves.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Small Group

At small group time the children met our new puppet friend Ben.  Today was his first day at Utopia preschool & was feeling nervous. We talked about ways we can help Ben feel comfortable & make new friends by saying "Hello", or asking "Can I play with you?"

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Mixing Colors

The children love the water table, but this time they were able to experiment with mixing colors. Today they had yellow water and red water in squirt bottles.  Teacher Elda asked the children to squirt the water into a measuring cup. Ingrid put the red in first.  Teacher Elda asked, "What color do you think it will make if we add yellow to the red?" Ryan guessed red, while Eliosa though maybe it would stay yellow.  Eloisa poured some yellow into the red. Teacher Elda asked, "What color is that?" Ingrid said, "Orange!" This allows children to experiment and make predictions as to what will happen through cause and effect.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Relaxing Afternoon

The children enjoyed a relaxing and much cooler afternoon, squishing, molding and rolling playdough. They let their imagination go wild as they made food, people and objects out pf the playdough. The children used the palm of their hands, fingers and tools to manipulate the playdough, strengthening their fine motor muscles. Cayden make a cake for his friends Sean Mathew and Enzo. Eloisa made a birthday cake for the group and asked that we sing happy birthday! Each friend enjoyed a slice of cake.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Water Play

It's a hot sunny day & the children are cooling off at the water table in the shade.  Some children used the spray bottle &  watering can to water our plants.