Wednesday, August 1, 2012

   This Summer has been very exciting with many new changes!
In July we welcomed a new teacher, Danielle Loughridge! She is working with us part-time in the Summer and will move to full-time in the fall. Danielle and Bridget have worked together at Presidio CDC and have been trained in the Reggio Approach. 
Our first task this Summer was to re-arrange the classroom. Teachers did this the week after Graduation and on July 9th opened our "new" classroom to the children! This was very new for the children and families and we have received great positive feedback from everyone! We are very excited to debut our classroom in September to our returning children and families that have been away this Summer!

  Thank you to all our families for making Graduation 2012 such an amazing event!!! Our Graduation Celebration was a big success and we will remember all of our Graduates always. The children gave a remarkable performance in singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and all their teachers and families are very proud of all their hard work this year. We had a great turn out and we truly appreciate everyone that was able to attend. We look forward to our upcoming year with our new friends and our returning children and families!