Friday, November 20, 2020

Utopia Train Station

 All aboard! The children have been collectively working on their train in our classroom. We read the book, “Terrific Trains” and got many ideas for our own train. We also discussed a train station where we would keep our train. We turned the dramatic play area into a train station. The children have helped make signals and signs for the train station. We also made train tracks using masking tape so we know where the train route is. This activity helped children practice taking turns and supports their fine motor development. Can’t wait to see how our train station evolves! 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Lego Structures & Face Portaits

This week, building with Legos & drawing faces were a popular activity. The children built unique structures for their animals and people. 
Thomas- "This is a train for animals." Levi "This is a train." Blake- "I made a school with a swimming pool." Juliana- "An insulation from my home."
Drawing faces of friends, family members and of themselves have been fun. We gathered all their portraits and displayed their artwork on the hallway board for everyone at STM to see.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Week!

Today is a very important day in our country, for ourselves, our community, and the lives of all future adults: our children! I hope all of us have taken the time to vote, if you can. It is such a critical time in our country and our voices matter, no matter how young we are.

"I vote for Pete the Cat. He is nice and friendly." - Elias

We did not want to pass up the opportunity to talk about why this day is important and what it means to vote, so we had a little election of our own. First we read the book Vote for Our Future and talked about why our votes matter. Then, we cast our votes on who the children thought would be a better friend, Pete the Cat or the Pigeon. We also voted on a special snack we would have tomorrow (Apples or Bananas), and what activity we should do outside (Legos or Playdough). Needless to say it was a landslide win for Pete, Apples, and Legos. Afterwards, we each got a "V" for I Voted sticker. 

"Pete is a good friend because he is calm. The Pigeon is always yelling!
Maybe he can ask nicely to drive the bus next time." - Kaidha

"I vote for Pete because he says, 'It's all good.' He is friendly. The Pigeon is very angry." - Hudson

We will continue to have these conversations in the classroom about what it means to be a leader, and what kinds of changes the children want to make in the world. We encourage all families to do the same at home!

Other age appropriate book recommendations about Voting and Civic Engagement:
My Vote (Bryant and Prosterman)
Say Something (Reynolds)
Grace for President (Dipuccio)