Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year!
   Welcome back everyone! We hope everyone had a relaxing and wonderful Christmas and New Year. Many of the kids returned to school with great new ideas and ready to jump into new activities! Here are a few pictures of activities the kids are working on and documentation to go along with them:


    Our class has been interested in exploring texture and expanding on their creativity through sensory activities. This month the teachers introduced a new item to discover by setting up a table with floam! This allows the children to build on the previous skills learned with other sensory activities (play dough, rice, water). It is also a great way for children to express themselves verbally and nonverbally.

Abby- “It feels good, but rubbery”
Emily- “Sticky! It feels good too!”
Sara- “Sticky and gooey!” “Look at my snowman! First the large, then the middle, then the small.”
Malea- “Flat”
Rika-“Look at my snowman, Arkpark! I see it on TV.”

Kieran- “It’s a jumping dog!”                                

The Drawing Table

     On the first day back at school after the holiday break, the children showed resurgence in their interest in drawing. Many children wanted to draw pictures of family members, while others drew pictures of creatures like dinosaurs and “My Little Ponies”. The process of drawing pictures seemed to help the children transition back into the school environment and gave them an opportunity to discuss what they did with their families while they were away on vacation. The children had a variety of interesting conversations with each other and shared their thoughts about their pictures.

      This activity supports fine motor skill development, memory and knowledge development, writing skills, and language development.