Friday, March 30, 2012

March Madness!

Thank you to Michael, Anna's dad, for building us our own sandbox! Michael was generous enough to build it, bring it to our yard, and fill it with sand for us. The children have truly enjoyed playing, building, and exploring in the sand. Also, thank you to all the parents who have donated new sand toys!

A new addition to our Art Studio is a brand new light table! Many of the children have been able to go over to the art studio this week to explore this new table. In the pictures below I turned off the lights in the Art Studio and the children chose different materials to put on the light table. We have explained to the children that they have to be very careful with this table because it is fragile. Again, if you have not visited our Art Studio yet please feel free to ask a teacher to take you over!

At the art table the children have been creating with clay! The children have been learning how to manipulate the clay over several weeks. They have been using different tools to create something meaningful. After choosing what they wanted to make, they worked on it, and when satisfied with their creation they brushed water and glue on it 2-3 times so that it may stay together.

We have this art displayed on several shelves around the classroom. The children made signs so that you made read what they made and now they are starting to write stories about them.

A new and on-going project that the children have been working on are self-portraits. I have written a journal about this process. Please make sure to read our "Journal Wall" as it will inform you about things that the children are working on in class. The teachers take turns writing journals so you can read about each of our experiences with the kids. Here is part of the current journal:


After working with the children over several months, I noticed that many of the children were drawing pictures of themselves when working at the writing table. I took the opportunity to focus and discuss self-portraits with the children when I noticed Jr., Austin, and Rylan staring at themselves in the mirrors while in the Art Studio. I invited them to bring the mirrors to the writing table:

Teacher Michelle: “What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Rylan: “I see my eyes, nose, and my teeth.”

Austin: “My eyes, my teeth, and forehead.”

Jr: “Eyes, nose, my hair, eyebrows, and your teeth.”

Then I handed them each a piece of paper and pencil and they began to draw themselves. I saved their drawings and then shared it with the group the following day. Sharing their drawings with the group sparked interest in the other children to draw themselves.

Having the children work on their self-portraits over several days has given the children an opportunity to recognize and name facial features that they may not have known or noticed before:

Lillian: “I have freckles!” (Then the other children checked the mirror to see if they also had freckles.)

Keira: “I have a mole.”

Bianca: “I have a mole too.”


Thursday April 5 :Class dismisses at 12
Friday April 6: Spring Break Begins
Monday April 16: School Resumes