Saturday, November 19, 2011

Utopia October-November

Over the past couple of weeks we've had many exciting things happening at Utopia:

We re-started our Chef of the Week in October! Parents have signed-up to come in on a Friday and with the assistance of the children whip up a delicious dish!

On October 21 Michelle (Sasha's mom) came in and made turkey tacos with the kids! The children cut the tomatoes and lettuce while Michelle cooked the turkey. Then they put the turkey, taco shell, lettuce, tomato, and cheese together to make a taco!

On October 28 Robert (Mateo's dad) came in and made Halloween cookies with the kids! You will be able to see some of the pictures on the slide show at school on Tuesday November 22.

On November 4 Ivon (Elisa's mom) made ice cream yogurt with the kids! The kids each cut their own fruit into small pieces. When the ice cream yogurt was ready they topped it with their freshly cut fruit!

On November 11 Charles (Gaby's dad) made different kinds of roll sandwiches accompanied with apples, oranges, and grapes. The kids were able to choose from tuna, hummus, and various other rolls!

On November 18 Kari(Lily,Viva, and Gus' mom) came in and made colorful pancakes! The pancake shapes she made were: whales, butterflies, hearts, squids, and rockets! She also brought in strawberries, which the children cut, and blackberries.

Our Pumpkin Patch fieldtrip to Lemos Farm was so much fun! Thank you to all the parents who came with us. Before going to the the farm we prepared the children for the bus ride and what they may see there. When we arrived we split up into 4 groups and attempted to do all the activities such as the train ride, hay ride, pony ride,bounce houses, and petting zoo. Then we ate lunch together and celebrated Denis' birthday there with cupcakes! After that we each chose a pumpkin and hopped back on the bus!

On October 31 we had our Halloween parade! We marched through the school into each classroom showing off our costumes. Then we went to the St.Thomas More Church and then made our way to Alma Via where the residents were expecting us. The residents there were so friendly and gave each of us a treat!

An on-going activity we have recently started is meeting with the 5th graders every other Tuesday. This past Tuesday they came into the classroom and made handprint turkeys with us! Then they asked each child what they were thankful for.

Some of the responses were:
"my family"
"my teacher"

Tuesday November 22: Stone Soup Party- We are inviting all families to join us around 10:30 to enjoy our soup! This day is a minimal day. School ends at 12 noon. We will be closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in observance of Thanksgiving.

Tuesday December 13: Holiday Performance- We will be performing a song along with K-8 grades. Song and time of performance will be announced soon. (Performance will be at night after 6)