Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28th!Last week of school!

End of the Year Potluck Luau

Our end of the year potluck is only days away! Our party will start early so feel free to join us as early as you would like! We will eat around 11:30. We would love more people to join our decorating committee so sign up if you can help out! See you June 30th!

*Summer session begins July 6th*

Spirit week was so much fun! We were all so comfy on pajama day! On backwards day we had a special surprise! Alex’s dad Ted is a police officer and he and his partner came in a police car and motorcycle! We sat in the police car and on the motorcycle! We had so much fun!

Alex and Austin on the motorcycle

Our new friend Logan

Our special snack on pajama day

Watch the road Talia!

Our Group Police Shot

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 4th, 2010

- This week we started putting together a classroom cookbook. Each student told a teacher about a recipe that they love to eat and know how to make. The titles of each student’s dish is posted on the parent board. Every family should have received a recipe form. We are asking all families to return the form with either the recipe for the dish your student told us OR a family-favorite recipe. PLEASE RETURN YOUR RECIPE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – NO LATER THAN TUESDAY 6/8. We only have a few weeks left and we need to put the book together and ensure that all families receive one.

- We made a classroom quilt this week! Each student decorated a piece of felt with fabric markers and puffy paint. All students were asked to draw something that made them happy – many chose to draw their families. We are planning on putting the quilt together and hanging it by the end of the year potluck.

- Starting Wednesday June 9th drop off and pick up will be through our side gates. One of the teachers will open the gates right before the designated times. Please call us if you need us to open the gate for you. The elementary grades will start their summer vacation June 9th so the front door will be locked.

June 14th –18th we will have spirit week! That Monday it will be pajama day so send your child to school in their favorite pjs! Tuesday will be backwards day so they can wear their clothes backwards! Wednesday will be crazy hair and/or hat day! Thursday will be dress up clothes/costume day!(Please no play weapons). For the final day we will have beach day! You can dress your child in shorts and a tank top or t-shirt and if the weather permits they can wear a bathing suit!

June 30th is our final day of school before summer! We are having a potluck so a sign-up sheet will go out very soon so that everyone can participate. The potluck will begin at 11:30. We will have an early dismissal of 12:30.