Monday, April 19, 2021

Airports, Airplanes, and Places - OH MY!

The children in the Sea Turtle Classroom have been learning about all things that FLY! This week, we have turned our attention towards airplanes, airports, and places. Teacher Andrea brought in a special guest expert, KJ, who is a flight attendant and currently studying to be a pilot! KJ so kindly showed us videos and photos of the airplane she works on, and answered all of the children's curious questions.  Thank you so much KJ for Zoom-calling our classroom today. 

Questions for KJ:

- Does the plane have an engine? (Hudson)

- How many passengers fit on the plane? (Hudson)

- What kind of doors does the airplane have? Not like house doors. (Jelani)

- Do the pilots take turns flying the plane? Can they sleep there? (Hudson)

- What if both the pilots need a break? (Kaidha)

- Where do you fly? Do you just go to the airport? (Jelani)

- Can you eat on the plane? What do the pilots eat? (Elias)

- Do you fly to Disneyland? (Liana)

- Do you hang out with passengers? (Hudson)

- Do you fly to San Francisco? Where do you sleep if you're in a new city? (Andrea) 

Friday, April 16, 2021

Collaboration Art

 The Children of the Sea Otter class have been working together to create a collaborative piece of art. The children used recycle materials, paint, pom poms and feathers to create their art. Teacher Linette’s group worked together to build “Disneyland” while Teacher Cassie’s group created a little tree house. By encouraging the children to work together, they learn to listen to each others’ ideas and build off one another. The children took this idea outside as well when they decorated the play house with streamers. They said it was a “spooky, haunted house!” 

Tree house 


“Ta-da” haunted house is ready! 


Creating the haunted house 

Tree house 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Clay Sculpture Gallery

We have been working with clay for the past month! The children are learning to manipulate the clay using hands and fingers, which helps strengthen their fine motor development. Clay also allows them to work on a particular idea for many days at a time starting with touching, sculpting, letting it dry, then painting and naming their final piece! 

Enjoy some of the children's finished Clay Creations!

"O Cereal" By Liana

"Rainbow" By Kaidha

"Big Rock and Smoosh Rock" by Elias

"Snowman Happy Face Pancake Train" By Hudson

"Bowser's Head. He takes off his head and throws it!" By Jelani