Friday, October 5, 2012

October 2012

We are one month into the school year and things are moving already!

Utopia hosted our annual Welcome Party on October 4th.  New and returning families had an opportunity to meet and mingle amongst the staff and the children.  We had amazing food and a fabulous good time.
Thank you to all those who attended!

Enrollment is picking up and we are making use of our "Studio".

The teachers and children use this space as on extension of our classroom. It is important to us that  we can provide opportunity for children's development to take place with smaller groups.  Thus far, the children have been creating watercolor paintings and experimenting gravity through the use of Theraputty (similar to silly putty). The putty is great, not only for their scientific investigations, but the development of fine motors skills as well.  


Classroom experiences are taking shape through clay and literacy.

The children have been exploring clay for the past three weeks.  Discovering how to manipulate it and some of the basic techniques for clay.  3d creations are taking shape and the children are taking great pride in their work.

 The teachers have created "journals" for each of the children and we began introducing those last week. 
The journals are intended for the children to explore and express writing at their individual levels. The journals will show the children's progression in writing and highlight their interests and ideas.